The best faceoff shaft in lacrosse. Composite 2 Pro Faceoff is designed specifically to dominate at the faceoff stripe. It features high quality carbon fiber construction and a unique faceoff grip designed to give you more speed, power, and control. Get a strong and consistent lax shaft made to help you win. Shop Composite 2 Pro shafts made for faceoff.


We are constantly looking for ways to update, improve, and build upon our products. Composite 2 Pro shafts are no different. We analyzed years of warranty and return data to see where our Composite and Composite Pro shafts were breaking—and that's where we made Composite 2 Pro stronger. Smart Taper technology uses material only where it's actually needed, giving you a stronger shaft at the same weight.


The unique shape of the shaft grip helps you generate power both forward and downward simultaneously, so you can faceoff with more force.


A secure grip on your stick gives you more control to help you win the faceoff and then maintain possession under pressure.


Designed to fit comfortably in your hand at the faceoff, the Composite 2 Pro Faceoff shaft's unique grip maximizes torque for quicker, more powerful hands as soon as the whistle blows.

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