About Us

The Madlax Team

Cabell Maddux, Founder and President cab@madlax.com
Riley Schwartz, National Sales Director, riley@madlax.com
Matt Fedor, Graphic Artist & Web Technician, matt@madlax.com
Harrison Holak, Boys National Program Director, harrison@madlax.com
Coleman Walsh, MDLX Events Director, Coleman@madlax.com
Aubrey Whittier, Girls National Program Director, Aubrey@madlax.com
Reece Belcher, Media & Operation Director, reece@madlax.com
Josh Peck, Madlax-Oregon Co-Director, josh@madlax.com
Danny McKinney, Madlax-Oregon Co-Director, danny@madlax.com

About Us

Madlax is a national lacrosse company since 1996 with a full scale online and custom team sales website, along with a physical store and warehouse in McLean, VA. Madlax also operates well-known elite travel teams, camps, clinics, leagues, and tournaments for boys and girls ages 5-20. Every employee at Madlax has played, coached or refereed the game at a high level and they constantly try to bring that experience and PASSION directly to you, our valued customers.

Contact our Sales Manager and Team Sales Rep at teamsales@madlax.com or call 703-821-7775 anytime. We will be happy to listen to your team's needs, offer advice, and give you a discounted team quote today!  Madlax offers expertise and specific knowledge of all the products and merchandise. So, whether you are looking for your first stick or hoping to add a back-up stick for rainy games, we know what is best and can offer advice before you buy. 

Play with Passion!  


Madlax, Inc. started as two retail 'corners' inside two local sports stores in northern VA called Cassel's in 1996. Founder, Cabell Maddux, a 3x All-American Attackman and two-time National Champion at Hobart College, saw a growing need for the first lacrosse specialty store in the greater DC area. He was also tired of driving to baltimore so he opened his first Madlax full-scale retail store in 1997. The original store still operates today and is the national headquarters of Madlax with offices and a warehouse. Maddux, a 12 year year high school head coach and MVP of the 1993 NCAA National Championship game, has since shifted the overall focus for Madlax to madlaxshop.com featuring the Madgear apparel Line and the national lacrosse programs. The name Madlax was created using a combination of his last name (Mad) and the abbreviation of the word lacrosse (Lax). 

Expansion and Growth

Madlax is always looking for outstanding partners and is eager to expand in viable communities as lacrosse continues to grow in popularity where there is a need for our lacrosse programs, retail stores, experience or services. Please contact us if you have the business qualifications; experience, motivation, passion and energy and you are interested in joining the Madlax team as a possible partner, regional program director, store owner or licensee.  Please email info@madlax.com if you are serious about the opportunity to have a career in this industry surrounded by the game we love.