The Maverik MAX Lacrosse Arm Guard is engineered for experienced players offering maximum protection and mobility.  The MAX Lacrosse Arm Guard is a highly technical arm guard combining unrestricted range of motion with superior protection.  Maverik's Anaform bicep and forearm pads provide slash protection yet maintain a light weight but flexible profile. The soft sleeve padding on the MAX Arm Guard provides additional coverage to critical zones on the arm interior.  Maverik uses grip zones on the sleeve interior to help keep the pads in place and secure. 37.5 moisture wicking material used in the MAX Arm Guard help keep you cool and comfortable during game play. 

- Ideal blend of fit, comfort and mobility.

- Uses Anaform pads to cover and protect bicep and forearm from slashes and other contact. 

- Adjustable straps for both the bicep and forearm with Grip Zone on inner liner for a secure and trustworthy fit. 

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