If you’re a fundamental defenseman built for battle, the TANK 2 provides the strength, stiffness, and face shape you need to protect the house in the air and on the ground. The 6-strut design, now with XRAIL TECHNOLOGY, redefines the standards for stiffness and strength so you can lift, poke, and slap with confidence. Updated with a perfectly engineered scoop, defensemen will own the up-and-out ground ball battle every time they enter the scrum. Whether your home, extended, or up field, the new TANK 2 will help you dominate all over the defensive end.

  • Perfectly engineered scoop angle designed specifically to pick up ground balls with ease.
  • XRAIL Technology engineered to distribute stress to the opposite rail creating a lightweight and stiff design.
  • DURATOUGH Material increases stiffness and provide consistency in all weather conditions.

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