The ALL-NEW official Madlax All-Stars Chrome Royal XRS Pro Cascade helmet with custom decals and wraps! 

These helmets are required for all 2025 and younger grades and players in the Madlax All-Star Program.  You can pick up in the Madlax Shop now or order online. We will notify you when you can come pick up the helmet you ordered. 

Madlax is the first program at any level nationwide to wear these custom Royal Chrome XRS Pro helmets!  Come with a chrome royal shell,  white Face Mask, Mask pad and chin piece.

This amazing new helmet was designed by the Madlax artists and graphic designers was made exclusively for Madlax by the national helmet leader in the industry - CASCADE!  It features decals with a new Madlax Script, New DC Skyline, RUNDMV LOGO, Madface Logo, Chin Madlax Hurricane logo and USA Flag, of course! 

No additional all-stars 15% discounts allowed on this helmet. This price includes all wraps/decals (normally $40/set). 

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