Lacrosse Shorts - New Styles

by Kara Maddux
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Two hot new lacrosse shorts styles were just released.  With the MadGear Ice Crush shorts, our artists have cooked up a hot new ice pattern for the cold winter months. Freeze your opponents with this cool new style before you crush them on the field. Eskimo Lax Santa with his protective ice spike stick will ensure a safe holiday season for you and your family. Candy Cane theme inserts, side pockets, drawstring and mock-mesh make this the perfect gift.

Also just released are the MadGear Personal Fowl.  Hunter or Preppy? Either way...these Personal Fowl shorts are perfect! The handsome duck pattern in a green mock mesh will satisfy the prepster, while the flying fowl will excite every true duck hunter out there getting ready for the season. Safety Off. Let's hit our limit (opponent) and call it a victory. Side pockets, drawstring and mock-mesh standard in every pair of MadGear Shorts.


by Kara Maddux


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