The Warp Advantage.

New youth-specific Warp stick designed to enhance the playing experience for new players. Has an all-around pocket to refine stick skills. Designed for players under the age of 10.

Hassle Free
The WARP pocket doesn't need to be adjusted or broken in. It comes game ready - hassle and maintenance free.

An unchanging, weather-resistant pocket means 100 percent confidence in how your stick will throw.

Wider face shape increases catching surface, flared bottom rail improves ball control and accuracy.

Instructional graphic showcases hand placement locations for catching, passing and shooting. Hands on black for shooting and passing, hands on gray for catching. 37 inch overall stick length meets US Lacrosse U10 specs.

What is the most important part about learning to play lacrosse? Developing proper fundamentals. The Evo WARP Jr provides a perfect pocket that has the optimal amount of whip, hold and playability for a young, entry level lacrosse player. By removing the unpredictable characteristics of a hand strung head, the Evo WARP Jr allows a developing player to concentrate on their fundamentals. No stringing and no effects from the weather, the Evo WARP Jr comes game ready and will perform consistently off the shelf. Pick one up and work on your game, not your stick.

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