The Maverik M4 goalie glove boasts a more roomy fit than many of today's tight fingered models and also affords players some extra space on the back of the hand. Everyone knows that the thumb pieces on all the Maverik goalie gloves are the best in the business. Rounded tops, and super reinforced tip, offers collegiate level protection at a fraction of the price. Not too bulky so clears and outlets are much easier to handle.


These gloves have a softer, unrestricted feel that collegiate and high school guys love to strap on. The other big call outs are the mobility in the thumb and the increased ventilation in the palm. The M4 goalie glove also has a looser fitting cuff system that can be adjusted for more protection, but also loosened for maximum range of wrist motion. Maverik used Ax-Suede material for the palm, Also a material called 37.5 that self cools when wet. This glove is priced to compete with the advanced youth market, but good enough for the best college and high school teams in the nation. 

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