• Madlax Custom Goalie Mesh Stringing

Madlax Custom Goalie Mesh Stringing


StringKing Grizzly Goalie Mesh
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Product Details

A completely custom pocket strung by Madlax Strining Professionals.  You can customize every part of your stick to make it a unique weapon of choice on the field.

Pick out your mesh type and color and we will contact you for details about your custom pocket after checkout.



Over 30 grams lighter than other goalie meshes on the market, Grizzly Mesh makes your stick lighter and your hands faster, so you can make more saves.


New FlexLite™ fibers create a controlled horizontal stretch in the mesh that helps the ball die in your pocket and ensures that you surrender fewer rebounds.


StringKing all-weather consistency combined with a new hybrid knitting pattern creates a deep, channeled pocket that throws on a dime.


Flexlite™ Fibers

New fibers create a controlled horizontal stretch in the mesh designed to absorb the impact of the ball and help decrease rebounds.

P2™ Fibers

The same fibers used in our Performance Mesh Type 2 act as a sturdy backbone for our Grizzly knitting pattern—ensuring durability while decreasing weight.

TITE™ Technology

A new manufacturing process creates an even tighter mesh construction to help ensure a deep, consistent channel.

True-Diamond™ Technology

Every piece of mesh strings up & performs exactly the same regardless of conditions.


Superior Performance & All-Weather Consistency

All-weather, non-wax materials ensure that all StringKing products will perform the same way, everyday, regardless of conditions or wear.

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